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South Dakota Elementary Schools – A-I – List of South Dakota Elementary Schools

Elementary School Listings A-I in South Dakota
Agar Elementary Alcester Elementary
Alfalfa Valley Elementary Alkali Elementary
All City Elementary Andes Central Elementary
Anne Sullivan Elementary Arlington Elementary
Armour Elementary Artesian Elementary
Astoria Elementary Atall Elementary
Austin Elementary Avon Elementary
Badger Clark/Carrousel Baltic Elementary
Batesland Elementary Beadle Elementary
Beaver Creek Elementary Beresford Elementary
Big Stone City Elementary Big White Elementary
Bison Elementary Black Hawk Elementary
Blumengard Colony Blunt Elementary
Bonesteel-Fairfax Elementary Bowdle Elementary
Brandon Elementary Brentwood Colony
Bridges At Horceman Bridges At Jefferson
Bridgewater Elementary Bristol Elementary
Britton-Hecla Elementary Buchanan Elementary
Buchanan Elementary Buffalo Elementary
Burke Elementary C C Lee Elementary
C C Jacobson Elementary Camp Crook Elementary
Canistota Elementary Canyon Lake Elementary
Carthage Elementary Castlewood Elementary
Cedar Grove Colony Center Elementary
Centerville Elementary Central Elementary
Central Elementary Challenge Center
Chamberlain Elementary Chancellor Elementary
Chester Elementary Cheyenne Elementary
Cheyenne Elementary Claremont Colony
Clark Colony Clark Elementary
Clear Lake Elementary Clearfield Colony
Cleveland Elementary Colman Elementary
Colome Elementary Conde Elementary
Corral Drive Elementary Corsica Elementary
Cresbard Elementary Custer Elementary
Dakota Valley Elementary Deep Creek Elementary
Deerfield Colony Dell Rapids Elementary
Delmont Elementary Doland Elementary
Douglas Preschool Dupree Elementary
E B Bergquist Elementary E O Lawrence Elementary
Eagle Butte Primary Eagle Butte Upper Elementary
East Elementary Edgemont Elementary
Egan Elementary Elk Mountain Elementary
Elk Point-Jefferson Elementary Elkton Elementary
Elm Springs Elementary Emery Elementary
Enning Elementary Estelline Elementary
Ethan Elementary Eugene Field Elementary
Eureka Elementary Evergreen Colony
Fairburn Elementary Faith Elementary
Faulkton Elementary Flandreau Elementary
Florence Elementary Fordham Colony
Francis Case Elementary Frederick Elementary
Freeman Davis Elementary Freeman Elementary
Garfield Elementary Garfield Elementary
Garretson Elementary Gayville-Volin Elementary
Geddes Elementary General Beadle Elementary
General Beadle Elementary Gertie Belle Rogers Elementary
Gettysburg Elementary Glendale Colony
Gracevale Colony Grandview Elementary
Grant-Deuel Elementary Grass Ranch Elementary
Grassland Colony Greenwood Colony
Gregory Elementary Groton Elementary
Hamill Elementary Hamlin Elementary
Hanson Elementary Harmony Elementary
Harrisburg Elementary Harrold Elementary
Harvey Dunn Elementary Hawthorne Elementary
Hayes Elementary Hayward Elementary
HE Dog Elementary Henry Elementary
Hereford Elementary Hermosa Elementary
Herreid Elementary Highmore Elementary
Hill City Elementary Hillcrest Colony
Hillcrest Elementary Hillside Colony
Hitchcock Elementary Horace Mann Elementary
Horace Mann Elementary Hosmer Elementary
Hot Springs Elementary Hoven Elementary
Howard Elementary Hurley Elementary
Huron Colony Hutterische Colony
Interior Elementary Iona Elementary
Ipswich Elementary Irene Elementary
Iroquois Elementary Isabel Elementary